• CSUN alumna Erin Oxhorn-Gilpin is one of California's 2018 Teachers of the Year.

    Alumna is California Teacher of the Year

  • Senior Ali Griner models design students’ creation on the runway.

    Interior Design Students’ Pokémon-Inspired Creation

  • CSUN’s Under Armour Faculty mentors pose with members of the tennis and men's soccer teams.

    "Under Armour Faculty" Mentor CSUN Athletes

  • Sunset photo of the new Sustainability Center.

    CSUN’s Groundbreaking Sustainability Center

  • La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

    La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

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Photo of Coral Reef at St. John U.S. Virgin Islands in 2013CSUN Prof Becomes Forensic Ecologist to Assess Reef Damage Left By Hurricanes

Less than 20 feet underwater, California State University, Northridge marine biologist Peter Edmunds could see the damage two back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes — Irma and Maria — had inflicted on the coral reef near the Caribbean island of St. John last September. Continue reading about Peter Edmunds.

Photo of disk patterns attributed to planet formationCSUN Astronomy Prof and NASA Colleagues Show Disk Patterns in Space Can Form Without Planets

Peering far out into the universe, astronomers and astrophysicists look for markers — indicators such as patterns in disks of dust — that might indicate the formation of new planets. Recently, however, a team of NASA scientists that includes California State University, Northridge astronomy professor Wladimir Lyra, has discovered evidence that these disk patterns can form on their own, fed by gas and dust, without the presence of planets. Continue reading about Wladimir Lyra.

Photo of CSUN students attending the Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native American’s 2017 National Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math conferenceCSUN Students Identify Tools to Help Scientists Investigate Abnormal Cell Formation

Thousands of cells develop before any recognizable form of life takes shape. Humans have more than 10 trillion cells, and the number of cells in plants and animals vary species to species. The journey an individual cell takes when determining what to become is an adventure that many scientists follow closely. Continue reading about CSUN’s Department of Biology.

Photo of Tiana Webberley CSUN Alumna is a Ninja Warrior

Moments before Tiana Webberley ‘14 (Kinesiology) took part in her first competition on USA Network’s Team Ninja Warrior, she flashed back to her time as a pole vaulter at California State University, Northridge. Continue reading about Tiana Webberley.

Photo of Matadors at Golden Globes Red Carpet Matadors Get Bird’s-Eye View of Golden Globes Red Carpet

Shortly before the Hollywood Foreign Press Association began live streaming the official Golden Globe Awards® pre-show, two California State University, Northridge film students and one recent graduate wandered the red carpet, taking in the scene and, of course, posing for pictures. Continue reading about Matadors at Golden Globes Red Carpet.


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