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The Accessible Technology Initiative will provide the resources, tools, training and expertise for the California State University (CSU) system to ensure that instructional materials and the technology that are used will be accessible to all. Information materials and technologies include, but are not limited to “computer and network access and services, computer-delivered or enhanced instruction, library electronic information resources, library online catalogs and homepages, campus informational web sites, computer-delivered or assisted administrative services, and voice and video programs and services.” (Executive Order 926 (E.O. 926))

Learn about the important responsibilities that faculty and staff have in the Accessible Technology Initiative.

Executive Order 926 (E.O. 926)

ATI Coded Memo - Issued January 29, 2013 (PDF) PDF File

Instructional Materials - Timely Adoption of Textbooks/Instructional Materials for Accessibility (PDF) PDF File

Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Procurement - ATI Procurement Procedure (PDF) PDF File

CSUN Policy

Policy on Timely Adoption of Textbooks/Instructional Materials for Accessibility (DOC) Word File