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CSUN Compliance Sheriff Coordinators

CSUN Compliance Sheriff Coordinators

College of Arts, Media and Communication - Mark Schaubert (mark.schaubert@csun.edu)

College of Business & Economics - Kelly Smith (kelly.smith@csun.edu)

College of Education - Ian Carroll (ian.carroll@csun.edu)

College of Engineering & Computer Science - Armando Tellez (armando.tellez@csun.edu)

College of Health & Human Development - Jean O' Sullivan (jean.osullivan@csun.edu)

College of Humanities - Judith Spiegel (judith.spiegel@csun.edu)

College of Science & Mathematics - Ramakanth Mandava (ramakanth.mandava@csun.edu)

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences - Larae Brown (lbrown@csun.edu)

College of Tseng

Division of Administration and Finance - Jennifer De Iuliis ( )

Division of Information Technology

Division of Student Affairs - Paul Schantz (paul.schantz@csun.edu)

Division of Academic Affairs - Stephanie Nguyen (stephanie.nguyen@csun.edu)

  • Division of Academic Affairs - Marlene Gale (marlene.gale@csun.edu )
  • Office of The Provost - Marlene Gale (marlene.gale@csun.edu )
  • Admissions and Records - Matt Worland (matthew.e.worland@csun.edu)
  • CSUN Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Leslie Tzic (leslie.tzic@csun.edu )
  • Office of Institutional Research
  • Office of Faculty Affairs - Albert Alcazar (albert.alcazar@csun.edu)
  • Graduate Studies, Research & International Programs
    • Gloria Roberts ( )
    • Shirley Lang (shirley.lang@csun.edu)
  • Undergraduate Studies - Julie Hunter (julie.hunter@csun.edu)
  • Faculty Senate - Heidi Wolfbauer (heidiw@csun.edu)
  • Library - Elizabeth Altman (elizabeth.altman@csun.edu)
  • Center of Innovative & Engaged Learning Opportunities - Kelly Kroeker (kelly.kroeker@csun.edu)
  • University Catalog - Julie Hunter (julie.hunter@csun.edu)
  • Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) - Marivi Valcourt ( )

University Advancement - Kimon Rethis (kimon.rethis@csun.edu)

Office of President - Randy Reynaldo (randy.reynaldo@csun.edu)

Academic Web Team - Stephanie Nguyen (stephanie.nguyen@csun.edu)