Todd Holmes

Todd Holmes
Assistant Professor
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Todd Holmes is an Assistant Professor of Entertainment Media Management (EMM) at California State University Northridge (CSUN). He is the lead professor in the EMM Option, and he teaches courses in media management, television network programming and strategy, and media research. He has published research in the Journal of Media Business Studies and has presented award-winning papers at both national and international media conferences. His research interests include the following: broadcast advertising sales, the effectiveness of content and advertising delivered online, digital broadcasting and ATSC 3.0, the commercial applications of virtual and augmented reality, social media marketing, and media strategy. Holmes is also an industry consultant and has worked as a project manager on a four-year longitudinal study that Nielsen conducted on the media consumption habits of college students.

Before Holmes pursued a career in higher education, he worked in a variety of outside sales positions, primarily within the broadcasting and telecommunications industries. His longest stint was working as an account executive and senior account executive for WGFL, which at the time was the CBS, WB, and UPN affiliate for North Central Florida. In 2004, Holmes led the WB sales team in achieving the highest revenues for any station within the WB 100+ Station Group, earning the affiliate the distinction of Station of the Year and Holmes the honor of Rep of the Year among the 109 affiliates and their sales teams within the broadcast group. In addition, Holmes worked in outside sales for the radio station cluster Sunshine Broadcasting, also in North Florida, as well as for EchoStar Communications Corporation as an account executive responsible for increasing activations of Dish Network satellite systems within four media markets in the Northeastern United States. Early in his career, he worked for MCIWorldCom as a major account executive, and was tasked with selling local and long-distance phone service as well as Internet services to companies based in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metropolitan area. 

Todd earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from James Madison University, where he majored in Marketing. He earned both his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Florida in Mass Communication.