College of HHD

  • congratulations to the class of 2020.  during unprecedented times you showed unwavering commitment.
  • shows sequoia trees and college mission to enhance, enrich and empower the human experience.  We are the college of life.
  • students walking along on campus, names of HHD departments superimposed
  • shows hands of interior design students as they draft a project
  • children and teacher interacting
  • students and nursing faculty practice blood pressure reading in nursing lab
  • dance students performing flying turn
  • shows matador statue against a blue sky with the college mission to enhance, enrich, and empower the human experience. We are the college of life.
  • students practice archery in kinesiology class

Welcome to the College of Health and Human Development

cheers to the class of 2020 and hhd virtual events link

Celebrate the Class of 2020 with Cheers to the Class of 2020, a CSUN Virtual Event and HHD's Class of 2020 Academic Departments Virtual Celebrations. Find out about these virtual events.

We are here to Enhance, Enrich, and Empower the Human Experience. 

Together, HHD students, faculty, staff, and community improve the quality of life through research, education, and action. Our alumni are in professions that enrich health and well-being, fitness and activity, and living environments for individuals, families, and communities.

We are the College of Life.

Meet Dean Farrell J. Webb.