• Vahram Shemmassian lecturing in a class.

    $3 Million Anonymous Gift to Armenian Studies

  • Female student Katherine Ramirez transferring an Akkermansia isolate onto solid media in an anaerobic glove box.

    $1.4M to Unravel Mysteries of the Human Gut

  • Well being personalized for you-You:CSUN

    CSUN launches online well-being platform for students

  • Green leaves and a purple flower in corner.

    A Flower’s Shape Can Influence Its Future

  • Graphic of how stars are made.

    How Are Planets Made?

  • Illustration from the 14th century of how people saw the plague.

    Similarities Between COVID-19 and Bubonic Plague

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Flow chart for branding that leads to several categories surrounding the big type that says Brand. Some Brand Actions Speak Louder Than Others When It Comes to Social Justice

Some actions are more significant than others as corporate brands try to convince consumers that those companies believe in racial justice, according to a recent report by California State University, Northridge marketing professor Tina Kiesler. Kiesler, who works in CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, and New York University marketing professor Geeta Menon recently collaborated on an article for Harvard Business Review that examined brand authenticity when it comes to racial justice in light of the growing Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Continue reading about how Some Brand Actions Speak Louder Than Others.

Female student holding a trainer baby doll demonstrating lactation.. CSU Recognizes Professor Merav Efrat with Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award

In August, the California State University (CSU) awarded Merav Efrat, associate professor of health sciences at CSUN, with the 2020-21 Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award (FILA) for her groundbreaking work in lactation education and research, paving the way for CSUN to become a leader in the field. Continue reading about how the CSU Recognizes Professor Merav Efrat with Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award.

Trainers from 3WINS Fitness gather in front of CSUN noodle art sign. CSUN Kinesiology Professor Offers Advice on Staying Fit While Staying Home

Approximately 76 percent of American adults aren’t getting the minimum amount of exercise they need to remain healthy, according to California State University, Northridge kinesiology professor Steven Loy. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home and made gyms and other workout facilities off limits, which means most adults are exercising from home, and often without traditional exercise equipment. Continue reading about Advice on Staying Fit While Staying Home.

Collage art of cut out pictures of a Queer flag and a Trans singer Shea Diamond from a CSUN Queer Studies project. CSUN Queer Studies Pride Project Reaches LGBTQ+ Youth Through Playlists and Digital Zines

At first glance, the image appears to be the desktop screen of a ’90s personal computer — with floating windows and a hovering, pixelated cursor. But a closer look reveals a media widget playing the song “we fell in love in october,” by indie singer-songwriter girl in red, and Pride mantras such as “Love knows no gender” splashed among images of queer icons Ruby Rose, Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani in the ’90s mockup of the software Microsoft Paint. Continue reading about how CSUN Queer Studies Pride Project Reaches LGBTQ+ Youth.

Exterior building view of the Extended University Commons. Tseng College Offers Free Project Management Course, Open to All

CSUN’s Tseng College for Continuing Education is responding to the needs of the community with a free project management course open to all individuals whose businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Pracademic Project Management for Industry Professionals,” an accelerated, virtual project management course, provides students with an introduction to project management and opportunities to learn real-world applications of strategies. Continue reading about how Tseng College Offers Free Project Management Course.

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